How To Check First Bank Account Balance & Latest First Bank Ussd Code 2023

While you may not be as wealthy as Elon Musk at the moment, it’s still important to keep track of your account balance to know what activities you can afford. When it comes to keeping track of your balance, First Bank of Nigeria knows how to make that easy.

From offering the option to check your account balance using a USSD code to including it right in the First Bank app, there are just so many ways to go about it.

In this article, I’ll show you how to check your First Bank account balance the easy way. It doesn’t matter if you’re willing to show up at the ATM or not, following the steps in this article should reveal how much you have on your First Bank account within seconds.

How to Check First Bank Account Balance

While it’s not my job to tell you why you’d want to check your account balance, it’s mine to show you exactly how to do it. If you’re on this article, you won’t be leaving without knowing how much you have on your First Bank account, regardless of what kind of device you use.

It’s always better to have a modern smartphone with an internet connection since you can always pull up the app, and sign in using the device’s fingerprint scanner to see your readily available account balance.

However, First Bank understands that not every single one of its subscribers can afford that luxury (they know what you can afford). To make the service of checking account balances available to all, the bank offers a lot more options than you should consider using in any scenario.

With that said, here are all the practical ways to check your First Bank account balance without having to show up at the bank.

Using the First Bank USSD Code

While there are more intuitive ways to check your account balance, I chose the USSD code option as the foremost because it works universally. In short, it doesn’t matter if you own the world’s most expensive smartphone or the cheapest one; you can always check your account balance via USSD.

Also, checking via USSD is undoubtedly the fastest option, depending on the availability of a network. Since you don’t have to connect to any internet or open any demanding apps, you can have your account balance delivered to you as quickly as you can type the required code.

The code for checking your First Bank account balance with First Bank is *894*00#. Assuming you’ve set up USSD banking with First Bank already, your phone should prompt you for your transaction PIN, after which you should see how much you have on your account balance.

However, if you’ve never used USSD banking (unlikely), you may need to go through a boring process of setting your device up. Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think and it will likely be over in minutes, as long as you’re using the same number that you used to open your bank account.

The USSD code works across all the popular cellphone networks in Nigeria, including MTN, Etisalat, Airtel, and Glo. The bank will also charge you a few nairas for the service, just as it does for every other USSD service by customers.

Using the Mobile App

Like most other banks in Nigeria, First Bank also offers a mobile app that you can use for most banking transactions. If you have a modern smartphone with an internet connection, it’s always better to check your balance via the app, rather than dialing the USSD code.

One reason why the mobile app is better than the USSD code option specifically to check your account balance is that it doesn’t require a service charge. Once you open your app, you can access the balance without having to pay NGN6.98.

If that sounds like a deal, you can quickly head over to the appropriate app store for your device (Google Play Store or App Store) to download the First Bank app.

After the app is installed successfully, sign in using your bank details and verify whatever needs to be verified. As soon as you’re done setting up the app, your dashboard should include your account balance, which is sometimes masked. Tap on the eye icon beside it to see how much you have in your account.

It’s crucial to note that this method works best for users that already use the First Bank mobile app. If you need to check your account balance quickly, setting up the application isn’t one of the things you want to be doing, since it can be very tedious.

Using an ATM

If you live near a First Bank ATM outlet, you may not know of all the possibilities of the machine. One of the primary functions of any First Bank ATM is balance inquiry, which is something you can do as long as you have your debit card.

To check how much you have left on your account, you can simply walk to any First Bank ATM outlet and slot in your card. Enter your PIN and choose the Balance Enquiry option. The machine should instantly display how much you have in your account balance.

Alternatively, you can use the service of individual POS operators to check your First Bank account balance with your debit card. It works the same way as an ATM, only that you don’t need to walk down to an ATM outlet to use the service.


Before embarking on any significant financial activity, it’s crucial to confirm how much money you have by checking your account balance. If you use First Bank, you’re in luck since there are quite a few ways to check your First Bank account balance.

In this article, I’ve explained how you can check your First Bank balance using the mobile app and the USSD code. If you have your debit card handy, you can also carry out the same action from an ATM outlet or a POS agent.